In the Streets, at the Aquarium and in the Club: Your Guide to NYC’s Newest Curators

April 4, 2016

On the occasion of its first graduating class, MA Curatorial Practice is hosting 10 exhibitions curated by graduating students beginning April 6, 2016. As part of the final thesis projects, these exhibitions range from a cabaret performance in the West Village to a tribute to the marine world at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. “The projects have been developed by the students under the guidance of a mentor, each one a significant figure in the art world,” said department chair Steven Henry Madoff.

For Manuela Reyes, it was seeing Joan Jonas’ work at the Venice Biennale as part of the Curatorial Practice fieldwork trip that inspired her thesis. Reyes’ project titled The Ocean We Inhabit, which will take place at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, involves video art by Jonas, a site-specific narrative performance by Pablo Helguera, a sound art piece by Bernardo Rosa and a workshop by Martha Raquel Herrera. “Jonas’ work at Venice had a great impact on me,” Reyes said. “In Fall 2015, she came as a guest in our Artist Roundtable class and I told her about my thesis idea. She immediately loved it and we began our dialogue with each other.”


From Sneak a Peek. Graciela Cassel, ‘Subliminal, 2016.

Lal Bahcecioglu’s Sneak a Peek is a street exhibition that features video art displayed on television screens inside apartments facing West 22nd Street between Eighth and Tenth avenues in New York City. Bahcecioglu attended community meetings and put up flyers on apartment entrances to find her six exhibitors. “The idea of having an unconventional exhibition right next to the blue-chip contemporary art district of Chelsea really excited me,” Bahcecioglu said. “Sneak a Peek will be on view when the nearby galleries close their doors to the public, and I think that it can be a new model for exhibiting art.”

The students are paired with mentors in the summer and do internships with them. Reyes interned at MoMA’s Department of Drawings and Prints, while Bahcecioglu chose SALT in Istanbul. Other institutions where students interned include NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Guggenheim Museum and The Kitchen. The students work with their mentors through the second year on their final project.

“Each project is diverse and imaginative. I’m proud of the ways my students have developed and how they’re bringing things to pass in their own as they take their first steps into the professional world of curating,” Madoff said.

While the final year students curate individual projects, the first year students will curate a group exhibition titled “Low-Grade Euphoria” beginning April15.


From Repeating Traces. Topographic map, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, 1957. Courtesy of Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi.

Here’s your guide to upcoming shows by NYC’s newest curators:

Title: Repeating Traces
Opening: 4:00 – 8:00pm on April 10
Dates: April 6 – 14
Hours: Wednesday, April 6 – Friday, April 8 12:00  – 6 pm; Saturday, April 9 (closed);  Sunday, April 10,  4:00 – 8:00pm (opening reception); Monday, April 11 – Tuesday, April 12 (closed);  and Wednesday, April 13 – Thursday, April 14, 12:00 – 6:00pm
Venue: Pioneer Works, 159 Pioneer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231
MACP Curator: Lalita Salander
Artists: Rachel Garrard
Brief description of project: Nine-day performance inspired by the ritual practices of the Kogi of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. The performance weaves together the study of matter by physicists and the traditions of Amerindians.

Title: Sneak a Peek
Opening: 8:00pm on April 14 in front of Chelsea Florist, Eighth Avenue and 22nd Street
Dates: April 14 – 24
Hours: 6:00 – 9:00pm, Thursday to Sunday
Venue: Along West 22nd Street between Eighth and Tenth avenues
MACP Curator: Lal Bahcecioglu
Artists: Graciela Cassel, Lourdes Correa-Carlo, Ghost of a Dream (Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom), Sara Eliassen and Lilja Ingolfsdottir, Kanako Hayashi, Mille Kalsmose
Brief description of project: Video art displayed on monitors facing the street and located inside first floor apartments on 22nd Street between Eighth and Tenth avenues.

Title: rheo-
Opening: 7:00 – 10:00pm on April 25
Charles Atlas screening: 7:00pm on April 25
Dates: April 25 – 29
Hours: By appointment only
Venue: CP Projects Space, 132 West 21st Street, 10th floor, New York, NY 10011
MACP Curator: Kayla Fanelli
Artists: Andrew Birk, Ryan Trecartin, Cindy Sherman, Charles Atlas, Manuel Solano and more.
Brief description of project: rheo- investigates the fluidity of identity and language in the Internet age. It is web-based online exhibition along with the exhibition of photos and video in CP Projects Space.

Title: Patafest
Opening: 7:00pm on April 26
Dates: April 26
Hours: same as above
Venue: The Duplex, 61 Christopher Street, New York, NY 10014
Registration: Please note that there is a two-drink minimum at the cabaret
MACP Curator: Ana Sophie Salazar
Artists: Lorenzo Bueno and friends, theater; Gabi Lenhard, video; Steve Roggenbuck; Bernardo Demony Rosa; Virgil Taylor, host; Amir Yoosefi, video; Bo Wang, set design as projection; and special music guests.
Brief description of project: PATAFEST is a new festival devoted to the imaginary, the absurd and the political, dwelling in the philosophical exploration of the relationship between the human and the animal. It will launch with an experimental and absurd cabaret evening celebrating 100 years of Dada with music, cabaret, poetry, performance and video, unifying artistic voices into a loud and dissonant chorus.


From Ditto Magazine. Photo by Tazaca Simpson.

Title: Ditto Magazine
Opening: 6:00 – 8:00pm on April 27
Date: April 27
Hours: 4:00 – 8:00pm
Venue: Glasshouse, 246 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY
MACP Curator: Marie Vigneau
Artists: Christian & Cindy Candamill, Calori & Maillard, Susan Cianciolo, Lital Dotan – Que Sal Mah, Mary Huang
Brief description of project: Ditto Magazine is a study in new ways of curating the distinctions and interconnections between art and fashion, and between artists and the fashion industry. This special issue will focus on vulnerability and its relation to fashion design, industry, personal style and art. What we choose to adorn ourselves with can allow us to conceal or reveal our vulnerabilities.

Title: The Ocean We Inhabit
Opening: 7:30 – 10:00pm on April 28
Date: April 28
Registration: Please donate to the project at the $27.00 level minimum to enter the Aquarium the night of the project.
Viewing hours: same as above
Venue: National Aquarium, 501 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
MACP Curator: Manuela Reyes
Artists: Joan Jonas, Pablo Helguera, Bernardo Rosa and Martha Raquel Herrera
Brief description of project: The Ocean We Inhabit will be the inaugural exhibition of PlanetArt Fund, a non-profit advocating environmental awareness and change. It will consist of multisensory experience at the National Aquarium in Baltimore creating a tribute to our oceans through dance, video, narrative performance and sound.


From Ornamentation of the Joint. Mark Dorf, ‘Emeregent #18,’ 2014.

Title: Ornamentation of the Joint
Opening: 7:00 – 9:00pm on April 29
Dates: April 29 – May 21
Hours: 12:00 – 6:00pm, Friday to Sunday, or by appointment
Venue: Pfizer Building, 630 Flushing, third floor, Brooklyn, NY 11206
MACP Curator: Allison Peller
Artists: Jude Broughan, Mark Dorf, Penelope Umbrico and Letha Wilson
Brief description of project: The exhibition includes photographs that are sculptural, painterly and could even be considered performative. By bridging materials and methods, the artists create a joint that draws attention to the conceptual juxtapositions and paradoxes, such as nature versus science, materiality and immateriality, and the artificial versus the natural found within their work.

Title: Future Memories
Opening: 6:00 – 8:00pm on April 29
Panel discussion: unavailable
Dates: unavailable
Viewing hours: unavailable
Venue: 360 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn
MACP Curator: Mohammad Golabi
Artists: Khaled Jarrar, Sophia Al Maria, Farideh Sakhaeifar, DAAR (Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency)
Brief description of project: Future Memories is an exhibition that focuses on the aftermaths of war, insubordination, censorship, and socio-political injustice. It manifests the affects of engineered segregation and the notion of “non-place” as opposed to familiar concept of “habitat”; a place which could be everywhere and which is nowhere. The exhibition addresses the possibilities and limitations of these contemporary phenomena and the ways in which it has been put to use in various disciplines. Some of the works have been commissioned especially for this exhibition, while others are brought together for the first time.

Title: no//thing but noise
Opening: 7:00pm on April 30
Dates: April 30
Hours: 7:00pm on April 30
Venue: To be disclosed the day of the event. To receive the location, please contact: with no//thing but noise in the subject.
MACP Curator: Maya Castro Gutierrez
Artists: Ian Hatcher, C. Spencer Yeh, Blanko + Noiry, and Copán
Brief description of project: no//thing but noise will be a live performance event that explores the idea of noise through four different arts, specifically looking at poetry, sound art, performance and music as avenues in which noise is present, given the varied mediums used by each artist. A limited edition vinyl record is being produced in conjunction with this event.

First Year Group Exhibition:

Title: Low-Grade Euphoria
Opening: 6:00 – 10:00pm on April 15
Performing artists, Friday, April 15 (6:00 – 10:00pm): Terry Boyd, Aya Rodriguez, Puppies Puppies
Performing artists, Saturday, April 23 (4:30 – 9:00pm): Max C. Lee, Laraaji, Antenes, Data Garden
Dates: April 15 – 29
Hours: 10:00am – 6:00pm, Friday to Sunday, Monday to Thursday by appointment only
Venue: Pfizer Building, 630 Flushing Avenue, 3rd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11206
MACP Curators: Sanna Almajedi, Valerie Amend, Patrick Jaojoco, Rebecca Nahom, Ikechukwu Casmir Onyewuenyi, Vera Petukhova, Jovanna Venegas
Artists: Antenes, Terry Boyd, Institute for New Feeling, Ioanna Pantazopoulou, Puppies Puppies, Andrea McGinty, Shana Moulton, Max Lee, Aya Rodriguez, Jo Shane, and more TBD

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