Artists to Watch Are Watching You Back at PULSE New York

March 4, 2016

Sean Donovan (MFA Fine Arts) is using his work at PULSE New York Contemporary Art Fair to make new work. His two-part installation i’m so sorry is a play between mirrors, a camera and live footage that is being screened on the opposite wall. “You see your reflection here and then you see your video there. I’m going to use the footage and make another work. So in a sense the viewers of PULSE will become performers in my next artwork,” Donovan explained. His work is part of the SVA Galleries booth at PULSE, which is going on at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street) in Manhattan through Sunday, March 6.

You have to see it. The artists to watch are watching you. @so_donovan @pulseartfair #imsosorry #installationart

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This year’s booth is curated by SVA alumnus Dan Halm (MFA 2001 Illustration as Visual Essay, BFA 1994 Illustration) and features the work of nine graduate and undergraduate students. “The main motivation is to highlight the talent that comes out of SVA,” Halm said. “We don’t take a commission, so it’s the only time in these artists’ careers where they’ll actually make the full price of the work.”


Ji Won Sim (BFA Fine Arts) found learning to price her work the most challenging part of her participation in PULSE. “I’ve never sold my work in an art market setting, so I had to research on how works are priced,” said Sim. “My works are my emotional episodes and I’m still learning how to assign value to them.”

Like the other students, it’s the first time that recent College Art Association fellowship awardee Delano Dunn (MFA Fine Arts) is participating in an art fair. He is showcasing work from his series In Our Time, which explores the simultaneity of the American Space Race and the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. “I will also be participating in the Affordable Art Fair later this month but right now I’m excited to be showing my work along with my classmates as well as the four other artists,” Dunn said.

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His classmate Ruth Freeman (MFA Fine Arts), whose work is about the middle ground between the digital gesture of rendering and the hand gesture of drawing, thinks it’s good to know where her work fits in the context of the art world. “I’m looking forward to meeting other artists and collectors,” Freeman said. “This is really good exposure and I feel honored that I was selected.”

Richard Vivenzio’s (MFA Fine Arts) Untitled (interstitial), which is made of sisal rope, finishing nails, paverpol and plays with light, shadow and gravity, is featured under PULSE’s Projects program. Projects is dedicated to audience-engaging, large-scale sculptures, installations and performances.

The other artists showing work at the SVA Galleries booth at PULSE are Alex Cassetti (BFA Photography and Video), Erin Davis (MFA Photography, Video and Related Media), Thomas McCarty (BFA Photography and Video) and Amalia Mourad (MFA Fine Arts).

This is the second year SVA is participating at PULSE New York. SVA also participated in PULSE Miami Beach in December 2015. Watch the video below to meet some of the artists who had work on display:

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