Michelle Poler’s ‘100 Days Without Fear’ Project to Become an Online Social Network

December 17, 2015

Michelle Poler’s (MPS 2015 Branding) 100 Days Without Fear project, which she started as a graduate student at SVA and has since gone viral (it’s been featured everywhere from CBS Sunday Morning to CNN) is now evolving into an online social network.

poler735From PSFK: “Poler is now working on 100 Days Without Fear 2.0, which will be a tool to help people to face their fears. She envisions a platform where individuals can share facing their fears as well as challenge friends and family to do the same. Poler explains that when individuals face their fears and share their experience via video, pictures, or simply writing about it, they will have the opportunity to receive points. The more likes they get for facing their fear and inspiring others to do the same, the more points they will receive. Overtime Poler’s idea is for users to exchange accumulated points for rewards to tackle bigger fears that are more costly or out of reach. For example, when a user accumulates a significant number of points, they could get 50% off at a local skydiving company. The discounts will be provided directly from the companies offering the services. Poler is currently speaking with both local and global companies that are interested in being involved with the project.”

Poler also recently gave a TEDx talk, which was her 100th fear. Watch the video below:

To read the full PSFK article, click here. For more information about 100 Days Without Fear, click here.


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