New York Fall Exhibition Highlights: Todd Kelly, Gregg Louis and Panayiotis Terzis

November 18, 2015

The 2015 fall exhibition season in New York enters its final stretch with three exceptional shows by MFA Fine Arts alumni that explore everything from permutation and self-perception to technology and millennial dread.

kelly735Todd Kelly’s (MFA 2000 Fine Arts) latest exhibition “Jolly Liar” continues his thematic evisceration of the still life genre, this time focusing on permutations of abstraction deviating from Chardin’s Still Life with Brioche. Each of Kelly’s groups of paintings examine different ideas and styles derived from Chardin’s work, but through multiplying, paring down, overlaying and flattening images, the original is ultimately consumed by Kelly’s transformations. On view at Asya Geisberg Gallery, 537B West 23rd Street, through December 19.

Gregg735Gregg Louis’s (MFA 2009 Fine Arts) new “Likeness” series explores self-examination, perception and the brain’s responses toward fractured images and visual memory structures. Fixating on his reflection in a mirror, Louis draws a self-portrait without ever looking at the paper. Then he does another blind portrait by looking only at the original drawing he created. Finally, he hand-paints the second portrait directly onto the wall from a projection, creating a completely new and abstract interpretation. On view at Nohra Haime Gallery, 730 Fifth Avenue, 7th floor, through December 31.

earth735“The Earth Eaters” by Hope and Panayiotis Terzis (MFA 2015 Fine Arts) features a collection of prints and videos that consider the past, present and future of civilization. Through collaborative and related works, the art duo attempts to cut through the current “noise” of technologically through primitive, ritualistic gestures inspired by the legacy of fallen cultures of the ancient past crossed with an apocalyptic, millennial dread. On view at Endless Editions, 191 Henry Street, November 19 through December 15.

Images from top down: Todd Kelly, Jolly Liar as Caganer 2, , 2015, oil, acrylic, spray paint on canvas, 40″ x 30″; from “Likeness” by Gregg Louis; from “The Earth Eaters” by Hope and Panayiotis Terzis.

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