Highlights from ‘The Masters Series: Michael Bierut’

November 4, 2015

SVA’s 27th annual Masters Series Award and Exhibition, which honored designer, critic and educator Michael Bierut, continued the College’s tradition of recognizing “great visual communicators of our time.” Closing this Saturday, November 7, SVA Close Up offers a look back at the events and festivities, as well as at what other people are saying about it. Here are some of the highlights.

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The reception and awards ceremony for “The Masters Series: Michael Bierut” took place on October 6 at the SVA Chelsea Gallery and drew a large crowd. In addition, Bierut himself led two guided tours of his exhibition at the gallery, on October 21 and 28.

In conjunction with the exhibition, MFA Design Co-chair Steven Heller interviewed Bierut about his distinctive career; a lively discussion that was both live-streamed (watch the video below) and live-tweeted.

“Rattling off the entire list of Bierut’s projects is an exercise in futility since there are simply so many, but here’s a start: the WalkNYC wayfinding signage; MIT Media Lab identity; shopping bags for Saks Fifth Avenue; posters for the Yale School of Architecture; Billboard’s logo,” wrote Dianna Budds for Fast Co. Design. “Chances are you’ve encountered his work.”

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“The staggering array of logos that make up the Bierut retrospective at the School of Visual Arts Gallery in New York testifies to the huge impact this prolific American graphic designer has had on our everyday environment,” wrote Anne Quito for Quartz. “…Bierut has arguably done more to define New York City than any other graphic designer living or dead—including his former employer and mentor Massimo Vignelli who branded the city’s subway system.”

In her article entitled “The Man Who Designed Manhattan” for The New York TimesT magazine, Ann Binlot wrote, “…nearly a half-century into his career, there’s no doubt that much of Bierut’s work will be omnipresent for decades to come.”

“The Masters Series: Michael Bierut” was also covered favorably by The Wall Street Journal, Wired, Dwell, Wallpaper, Design Arts Daily and Designboom.

For more information about “The Master Series: Michael Bierut,” click here.

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