Meet #SVA2019: Sammy Savos

September 1, 2015

SVA Close Up’s orientation week celebration continues with Sammy Savos from Sterling, Virginia, who chose SVA to study cartooning and meet like-minded artists. She also hopes to publish a graphic novel of her own one-day.

sammy200Name: Sammy Savos
Hometown: Sterling, Virginia
Major: BFA Cartooning

Why did you decide to study cartooning?
I decided to study cartooning because cartoons have always interested me! I have always loved watching cartoons on television and I’ve grown up reading graphic novels. Since I was little, I’ve been drawing and I have always loved and enjoyed it. I want to study cartooning now to strengthen my skills, learn new techniques and learn what it’s like to be part of the comic and cartoon world. At the moment my goal is to someday publish a graphic novel!

Who inspired you to create art?
I’ve been inspired by some of the more popular cartoonists like Jeff Smith and Bryan Lee O’Malley, but today I also find a lot of inspiration from various artists online, many of whom are students at art schools too!

Name something that excites you about SVA.
I’m really excited to meet people at SVA who have the same interests as me and who like talking about art. My high school was a regular public high school with a heavy focus on athletics and academics, so it was nearly impossible to find other people who had a serious interest in art!

What are you most looking forward to about living in New York City?
I’m looking forward to how easily accessible everything is in NYC! Where I live you can’t get anywhere without a car, and even with a car most places are around 10 to 15 minutes away. We also don’t have art stores around where I live, so I’m excited about how much the city has to offer and how easy it is to take advantage of those things!

What are some of your favorite graphic novels?
Some of my favorite graphic novels are Bone, Scott Pilgrim, Owly, Seconds and Friends with Boys.

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