Watch: SVA Student Unites NYC Subway Riders Through the Power of Nothing

August 14, 2015

Do you constantly scroll through your Twitter or Instagram feed at any free moment, only to realize you aren’t even paying attention? Don’t worry, Lucy Knops  (MFA 2015 Product of Design) is here to help.

Knops devoted her entire thesis project The Void: Finding Value in Nothing to discovering ways to gain more freedom from the control of objects and devices. She even managed to unite a subway car full of New Yorkers through her Structured Nothing campaign (watch the video below).

Knops also devised an app to help users take a step back and reflect. The app, called A Minute, allows users to send and share a moment “to do nothing,” which they can activate until a timer alerts them back to reality.

hand425For more information about Knops and her project, click here.

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