Condoms, Laundry and Love: Three Outstanding SVA Design Projects

July 16, 2015

Several MFA Products of Design students and alumni received “Notable” distinctions at the 2015 Core77 Design Awards, which recognize outstanding work in commercial, cultural, social, environmental and discursive design.

mine425In the “Packaging” category, Rona Binay (MFA 2014 Products of Design), Willy Chan (MFA 2014 Products of Design), Mansi Gupta (MFA 2014 Products of Design) and Emi Yasaka (MFA 2014 Products of Design) were noted for their project Mine. A concept for an aesthetically pleasing condom case meant to be displayed in the bathroom with other toiletries while also being easily portable, Mine includes the tag line “Condoms You Do Not Want to Hide.” From the group’s project statement: “Sexual behaviours can be inhibited by stigma and/or double standards, and using design as a tool to intervene, we aimed to create a positive shift in women’s sexual health.”

spinute425In the “Design for Social Impact” category, MFA Products of Design students Adem Onalan, Tahnee Pantig and Louise-Anne van ‘t Riet were awarded for Spinute, a cell phone app that surveys machines in use at laundromats and notifies its users when they are free, and allows live scheduling, on demand booking and washer to dryer service. The app was initially created for workers of minimum wage. “We knew that minimum wage workers could always use more money, but we came to the insight that minimum wage workers could also use more time,” says Onalan.

ditto425And in the “Interaction Student Notable” category, MFA Products of Design students Adem Onalan, Chelsea Stewart and Shixiao Wang were selected for their device Ditto, which allows users to communicate simple, affectionate messages with up to three other people. From the group’s project statement: “We noticed the need to tell someone ‘hi,’ ‘I love you’ or ‘thinking of you’ while in a meeting, at school or during events where a cell phone was inappropriate or unusable… Ditto is small portable totem device that can be synced with your phone and carried with you to freely ping your loved ones.”

For more information about the Core77 Design Awards and the full list of winners, click here.

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