SVA’s Gianni Jetzer Curates ‘Most Talked-About’ Exhibition at Art Basel 2015

June 18, 2015

Several notable SVA alumni, faculty members and students are participating in the 2015 edition of Art Basel, which kicked off on June 18 and runs through June 21 in Basel, Switzerland. Considered one of the most prestigious international shows for Modern and contemporary works in the world, the fair features exhibitions organized by over 300 galleries.

gianni200For the fourth consecutive year, MFA Fine Arts faculty member Gianni Jetzer has curated “Unlimited,” which this year Artnet News calls “the most talked-about highlight at Art Basel.” Spanning five decades and showcasing 74 large-scale works, featured artists include Ai WeiWei, Lorna Simpson (BFA 1982 Photography), Bruce Nauman, MFA Fine Arts and MFA Art Practice faculty member Gary Simmons (BFA 1988 Fine Arts), Hector Zamora and others. (Earlier this year, Jetzer also curated “It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards” at the SVA Chelsea Gallery).

As one of the winners of a POPCAP’15 International Prize for Contemporary African Photography, MPS Digital Photography student Tahir Carl Karmali is exhibiting his series of portraits “Jua Kali” as part of Image Afrique. A Swahili term meaning “fierce sun,” Jua Kali represents the laborers of Nairobi, Kenya, who live and work in substandard and impoverished conditions, yet are essential to the city. The “opportunistic personality” of the Jua Kali is embodied by “locally-sourced, recycled or found objects [used] to develop their creations.”

africaagain425On Sunday, June 21, MA Curatorial Practice faculty member Matthew Higgs is participating in a panel entitled, “Rethinking Kunsthalles and Non-Profits,” which examines the model of German art galleries to ask the question: “How do mergers between public and private funding, accelerated information dispersion and the dematerialization of art and art spaces affect Kunsthalles and non-profits worldwide?” The panel is part of Art Basel’s conversation series.

For more information about Art Basel and individual exhibitions, click here.

Image from top down: Gianni Jetzer at Art Basel and an untitled photo by Tahir Carl Karmali.

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