SVA Students Beat Record for Awards at One Show’s Young Ones Competition

May 18, 2015

Students of Frank Anselmo’s Unconventional Advertising Class once again outdid themselves at the One Club’s annual One Show Young Ones Competition, surpassing SVA’s previous record of nine Pencil awards with 11 Pencils at this year’s ceremony—the most a school has ever received. The 11 Pencils won by SVA students accounted for half of the total awards presented at the ceremony, and represented all award categories including Integrated, Non-Traditional, Digital, Print, Video, Mobile, and Open-Brief. Established to “recognize the ‘best-of-the-best’ of creative students,” the Young Ones Competition is described by Anselmo as “the Academy Awards of advertising.”

frank1000Seniors Stephen Cho, Jason Goldshteya, Christopher Groelle, Man Ki Kim, Yung Hyuk Lee and Sunny Ping each received two Gold Pencils, while juniors Eun Kyung Kim and Jeein Lee were awarded two Silver Pencils each. Other Pencil-winning students include WooHyun Cho, Jabari Cook, Jorge Diaz, Mitchell Diercks, Richard Gerrits, Mick Jongeling, Stephen Kingslow, JooHoo Lee, Bixi Li, Taejun Park, Sal Romano and Jasper Vierboom.

gold1000In all, the 20 students from this year’s Unconventional Advertising Class took home a total of 42 Pencils, prompting Anselmo to quip, “We won more Pencils than I have students.” The tally officially established the class’ 52 award-winning projects over its nine-year history as the One Show’s single most award-winning advertising class since the competition began 30 years ago.

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