Spring 2015 ‘Visual Arts Journal’: Diversity in Comics, 3D Printing and More

May 7, 2015

The spring 2015 Visual Arts Journal, SVA’s magazine, is out and selected content is now available online. The new issue features articles on diversity in the world of comics, creative applications of 3D-printing technology, character development for animation, and more.

VAJ200Thanks to their lucrative movie and TV adaptations, superhero comics have likely never been as influential in popular culture as they are now, and much recent press has been devoted to the growing ranks of nonwhite and non-male characters. But as Slate writer and longtime comics fan Jamelle Bouie reports in “Diversity in Comics,” mainstream comics creators are still a largely homogeneous lot, leaving many perspectives and stories untold: “In a genre geared to the aspirations of a multitude of different people, the industry looks—at best—like a small slice of its audience.”

As 3D printers become more affordable and accessible,  artists and designers of all types are experimenting with its possibilities, creating everything from evening gowns to abstract sculptures. In “Print Making,” Alexander Gelfand visits SVA’s BFA Fine Arts Department and Visible Futures Lab to find out how the technology is being used on campus.

basket425Creating a believable, let alone memorable, animated character involves much more than setting pen to paper. Designers and animators today engage in deep-dive research and even acting classes when developing their advertising, film, gaming or television projects. Elizabeth McMullen spoke with several successful pros, many of them SVA alumni, for “Building Character,” a primer on the hows and whys of character development.

comet425To read these and other articles from the spring 2015 issue—including a look at real-estate resources for artists and creative entrepreneurs, a Q+A with Vitra Design Museum curator Amelie Klein (MFA 2011 Design Criticism), and a slideshow of paintings by Andrew Brischler (MFA 2012 Fine Arts), visit journal.sva.edu.

Images from top down: Cover of the spring 2015 Visual Arts Journal, featuring Andrew Brischler’s painting Let Me Blow Ya Mind, 2012, courtesy of the artist and Gavlak, Los Angeles; David Lobser, Traditional Basket #3, 2014, PLA 3D print; and a rendering for the character of Comet, developed for Froot Loops Bloopers, 2015. Courtesy of Nathan Love.

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