2015 Dusty Film & Animation Festival Spotlight: SVA Student Jared Simon

May 4, 2015

With the 26th Annual Dusty Film & Animation Festival taking place May 9 – 12 at the SVA Theatre, SVA Close Up is profiling some of the many talented students participating.

jared200First up is BFA Film and Video senior Jared Simon, who won a Dusty in 2014 for his editing work on Juan Paulo Laserna’s (BFA 2014 Film and Video) film Las Malas Lenguas. “Working on that feature last year allowed me the insight as to what I wanted to focus on this year—a handful of different genres,” Simon tells SVA Close Up. For the 26th Dusty Festival, Simon took on the ambitious task of editing four films: one foreign (Citta’ dei Sogni, entirely in Italian), one heavy drama (Lady), a comedy (The Not-So-Wright Brothers) and a light drama (Screenbreaker).

Referring to Citta’ dei Sogni, Simon says, “The story structure changed quite a bit during the editing process, that’s something that has always been interesting to me—how a film can change in the editing room.” At the other end of the spectrum is The Not-So-Wright Brothers. “[It’s] a comedy that uses puns and pop culture woven into witty conversations all culminating in the first manned flight,” says Simon, who is currently an intern at the renowned Upright Citizens Brigade comedy studio. “It was a riot working with so many funny people to come up with a film like this—it’s short and sweet.”

Although Simon enjoyed all the projects he worked on this year, he’s looking forward to taking a break for the Dusty Festival. “I’m excited to see these films on the big screen and I’m really proud of all the hard work that went into them both on set and in the editing room,” he says.

For more information about the 26th Dusty Film & Animation Festival, click here. To watch a live stream of the 26th Dusty Awards beginning at 6:30pm on May 12, click here.

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