2015 Dusty Film & Animation Festival Spotlight: Leonardi Guzman

May 8, 2015

With the 26th Annual Dusty Film & Animation Festival taking place May 9 – 12 at the SVA Theatre, SVA Close Up continues its series highlighting some of the many talented students participating.

leonardi200Next up is BFA Animation senior Leonardi Guzman, whose animated thriller Parasite is screening in the fest. “Working on my film this year my goal was to focus on creating something that the audience engages with visually and emotionally,” he tells SVA Close Up.

Guzman credits Alien as being a major influence on his work. “That film made such an impact on my creative life because it took me to places emotionally that made me connect with the characters’ emotional state,” he says. “The sounds and atmosphere created the space for the creature to make the impact that it did on me. For me sound design is as important for the emotional aspect of storytelling as the visuals. That is why when I storyboard a scene for a film I take all those things into account.”

For more information about the 26th Dusty Film & Animation Festival, click here. To watch a live stream of the 26th Dusty Awards beginning at 6:30pm on May 12, click here.

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