SVA Students and Alumni Win Platinum ‘Graphis’ Awards

March 19, 2015

The winners of the Platinum Graphis Awards were recently announced and six out of the 12 distinctions went to projects by BFA Advertising and BFA Design students and alumni. mmtie200Rachel Ake (BFA 2014 Design), Andrew Haupt (BFA 2014 Advertising), Ekaterina Taylor (BFA 2014 Advertising) and Mats Wilke (BFA 2014 Advertising), and current BFA Advertising students Joe Lee, Josephine Tan and Holly Trotta are all recipients of the prestigious honor.

Graphis is one of the world’s leading platforms for outstanding work in design, advertising and photography. The award recognizes the students and alumni as well as the instructors that guided them: BFA Advertising faculty members Frank Anselmo, Carin Goldberg and Jack Mariucci, and BFA Design faculty member John Gall. The Platinum Award provides industry-wide exposure and recognition, with a spot in the hardcover print publication Graphis New Talent Annual 2015, which offers inspiration for creative talent worldwide.

In addition, the back cover of the Graphis New Talent Annual 2015 features a quote by Mariucci: “Advertising is hard work. If you’re not prepared to put in the time, then I suggest you get a hobby.”

Image: M&M’s by Josephine Tan.

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