NYC Exhibitions: Suzanne McClelland, Victor Liu and Nikki Katsikas

March 9, 2015

Current exhibitions by two SVA alumni and a faculty member feature work rooted in the imagination and inspired by the world at large.

MFA Fine Arts faculty member Suzanne McClelland‘s exhibition “Call with Information” focuses on domestic terrorists and American extremism, using words and numbers on the canvas. In one series, paintings that depict FBI wanted posters act as portraiture, containing bits of information—the subject’s height, eye color, alias and crime/s. The overall effect is an evocative portrait in which “language is used in a failed attempt to quantify the unmeasurable.” On view at Team (gallery, inc.), 47 Wooster Street, through March 22.

call425Victor Liu (MFA 2014 Art Practice) presents “Seastead at Night,” which consists of three sets of installations inspired by the real-life initiative to create “seasteads,” or floating city-states in the ocean. The first set of Liu’s installations include floating video containing a history of the future. The second features three-dimensional architectural models, which function as allegories to neoliberalism, and the third offers flags belonging to a new era. On view at REVERSE, 28 Frost Street, Brooklyn, through March 22.

Nikki Katsikas (BFA 2008 Fine Arts) presents an exhibition of her recent paintings, “Mary and Betty Day at the Museum.” Katsikas describes her work as organic, filtered and bound by no particular motif: She writes, “Ideas come from books I have read, a common theme found in a collection of clippings, and from an ongoing list of things I wish to paint.” On View at Louis B. James, 143 Orchard Street, through March 29.

Image: Photo of Suzanne McClelland’s work in “Call with Information” courtesy of Team gallery, inc.

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