NYC Exhibitions: SVA Alumni Vera Lutter, Clay Patrick McBride and Shen Wei

January 26, 2015

Three SVA alumni have created new works exploring the spaces we inhabit—from the city, to the subway, to the human body.

lutter200Vera Lutter (MFA 1995 Photography, Video and Related Media) presents a photography exhibition of her recent work recording the ways in which space, light and time shape the city of New York. Lutter’s subjects include the Manhattan skyline, Times Square, and the construction of a high-rise building across from her studio. Her work documents a city in constant flux. On view at Gagosian Gallery, 976 Madison Avenue, January 29 through March 7.

Clay Patrick McBride (MPS 2013 Digital Photography, BFA 1995 Photography) presents “3rd Rail,” a site-specific installation featuring black-and-white photographs of New York City subway riders. Part of a storefront curatorial series in which artists create window displays, the installation evokes a dark claustrophobia, mimicking the very feel of subway travel. “Travelers are deformed as they are captured in my 35mm cells,” McBride writes, “and crushed by the weight of the world.” On view at Foley Gallery, 59 Orchard Street,through February 22. McBride’s work can also be seen on the subway itself, in his compelling SVA subway poster series.

Shen Wei (MFA 2006 Photography, Video and Related Media) presents “Invisible Atlas,” an exhibition of work inspired by Qi, an unseen life force, and healing property, in Chinese philosophy. In photographic images and minimally rendered drawings, Wei uses his own body and persona as a subject, creating a narrative involving childhood memory, mythology, history and fantasy. Circles, dots, arrows, or arcs depict Qi in action. On view at Flowers Gallery, 529 West 20th Street, through February 28.

Image: Vera Lutter, Chrysler Building, V: July 12,2014, 2014, unique gelatin silver print, 95 1/4 x 56 inches (241.9 x 142.2 cm).

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