Oscar-winning Actress Melissa Leo Workshops with Students at SVA

November 5, 2014

Oscar-winner Melissa Leo (Best Supporting Actress, The Fighter, 2010) recently led a workshop on acting for directors for a group of BFA Film and Video students at SVA. Leo200Leo, who also received critical acclaim for her role in the 2008 film Frozen River, worked closely with the students on the complex task of commanding a professional set and how to communicate effectively with actors. Well-known for taking the craft of acting seriously—entertainment writers have commented widely on her commitment to staying in character, on set and off, during shooting—she was as compelling in person as her on-screen performances have been.

leoroom425Leo was invited by BFA Film and Video Chair Reeves Lehmann, who has arranged for a number of acclaimed actors to meet with SVA students over the years, including David Strathairn (Lincoln, Good Night, and Good Luck) and the late James Gandolfini (The Sopranos, Get Shorty).

Photos by Chris Lawless. For more, click here.

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