SVA in Asia: Exhibitions by Suzanne Anker, Catherine Young and Byun Soon-choel

October 29, 2014

Current faculty and alumni exhibitions explore hopeful contestants, bio-life variations and fashion inspired by climate change.

rainbow200At the junction of fine art and biological sciences is BFA Fine Arts Chair Suzanne Anker’s newest solo exhibition, “Rainbow Loom,” a wide array of 400 elements revealing the similarities and differences between naturally occurring specimens and products manufactured by science and industry. Using chromatic variation consistent with the color wheel, Anker’s work re-imagines bio-life with samples of steel wool, eggs, beads, insects and paper exhibited inside petri dishes. On view at V Art Center, No. 50 Moganshan Road, building 6, floor 1, Shanghai, China, through November 25.

“Haute Fashion for a Hotter Planet” is the tagline for Catherine Young’s (MFA 2012 Interaction Design) climate change couture on exhibit as part of the “Hybrid Highlights” show where six garments from her Singapore, Manila and Seoul collections are on display along with six photographs from the Singapore collection. Young’s ironic use of candy wrappers, plastic, foil, garbage bags and other reclaimed materials draws attention to the need for human resourcefulness in the face of harsh environmental conditions. On view at the Seoul National University Museum of Art, Gwanak-gu 151-742, Seoul, Korea, through December 7.

Byun Soon-choel’s (BFA 1999 Photography) “The National Song Contest” features candid photographs of contestants and spectators of the Korean Broadcasting System’s talent show of the same name, which is the longest running television program in the country. Soon-choel’s shots of people from all walks of life hoping to hit it big are full of longing, excitement and humanity. On view at Buk Seoul Museum of Art, 1238 Dongil-ro (508 Junggye-dong), Nowon-gu, Seoul, through January 4, 2015.

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