SVA Competes in the 2014 Amazon Fashion Studio Sessions

October 22, 2014

On Saturday, October 25, 10 fashion-savvy BFA Advertising, BFA Design and BFA Photography students will compete for a chance to win up to $40,000 in the 2014 Amazon Fashion Studio Sessions challenge. Along with teams from FIT, LIM College, Pratt and Parsons, students will spend a day at Amazon Fashion‘s Williamsburg studio producing a fall editorial spread with guidance from prominent industry experts including editor Amy Odell and MPS Fashion Photography faculty member and Vogue photography director Ivan Shaw. Winning campaigns in both menswear and womenswear will be determined by a panel of Amazon Fashion executives.

amazon425Leading up to competition day, teams from each school face a series of Instagram challenges to win advantages during the contest on Saturday. SVA’s womenswear team tied with Pratt’s menswear for the first challenge, winning one minute of early access to the fashion closet, which allows them extra time to choose apparel for their models. SVA’s menswear team won the second challenge, earning five extra minutes to submit their Amazon Fashion Studio Sessions entry. The winner of the third and final challenge will be announced at noon on Thursday, October 23, gaining two extra minutes to present to the judges.

studiosesh425First place teams in each category will receive $25,000, plus $15,000 for their respective schools, with the winning images featured on Second place teams in each category will receive $10,000.

SVA’s womenswear team includes Rachel Goto (BFA Design), Andres Pelaez (BFA Photography), Leonardo Porto (BFA Advertising), Jae Eun Seok (BFA Photography) and Elise Swain (BFA Photography), and the menswear team is Emily Dellavalle (BFA Photography), Taleen Dersdepanian Lopez-Tolsa (BFA Photography), Jack Lin (BFA Advertising), Luis Padilla (BFA Photography) and Hui Yang (BFA Design).

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