NYC Exhibitions: SVA Alumni Ryan Brady, Matthew Pillsbury and Federico Infante

October 13, 2014

Three SVA alumni are pushing boundaries and entering new artistic terrain this fall.

ryanbrady200Ryan Brady’s (BFA 2012 Visual & Critical Studies) exhibition “Irreverent Decadence” focuses on abstracting the canvas itself. Brady creates a cracked and blistered landscape using carved encaustic atop oil paint and handmade stretchers pieced together. The exhibition is shared with Nick Farhi and showcases how these artists push the boundaries of painting while still maintaining a sense of play and whimsy. On view at Louis B. James, 143b Orchard Street, through October 18.

Matthew Pillsbury (MFA 2004 Photography, Video and Related Media) presents “Tokyo,” a solo exhibition of photographs exploring the rise of technological innovation—and human disconnectedness—in streets and subways of Japan’s capital. Pillsbury’s work has often addressed the growing role of technology and how its gadgetry creates seclusion, despite its connective intent. Switching from long exposures to short and using color photography this time, Pillsbury captures the world’s most populous city and its growing obsession with non-human subjects. On view at Benrubi Gallery, 41 East 57th Street, through October 25.

Federico Infante (MFA 2013 Illustration as Visual Essay) presents “THE SPACE BETWEEN,” a series of acrylic works portraying ethereal worlds. Inspired by the landscape of Chile and New York as well as his own intuition, Infante juxtaposes realism with elements of abstraction.His paintings often feature foggy, dreamlike backgrounds with a deftly rendered figure at its center. Infante’s work explores the intricate relationship between reality, spirituality and the subconscious. On view at BDG, 535 West 25th Street, through November 1.

Image: From “Irreverent Decadence” by Ryan Brady.

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