SVA Students and Alumni Win Big at the 2014 CLIO Awards

September 24, 2014

Current students and recent graduates from the BFA Advertising and BFA Design departments earned 14 of the 35 student awards given out by the 2014 CLIO Awards for projects created in BFA Advertising faculty member Frank Anselmo’s “Unconventional Advertising” class. clio200The CLIOs recognize innovation and excellence in advertising, communications and design. Of the nine CLIO categories, SVA won in seven of them, and in the eight single shortlist student spots, SVA placed in all of them. In addition, three of the four CLIO Image wins went to SVA.

Gold winners include current BFA Advertising students Antonio Perez and and Mats Wilke, and alumni Mariana Gonzalez (BFA 2013 Film and Video), Juan Carlos Mayorga (BFA 2013 Film and Video), and Irina Siraeva (BFA Advertising 2014). Silver winners are current BFA Advertising students John Patrick, Minju Cho and Duekhyun Kim. And the bronze winners are Hwa Yong Jung (BFA 2014 Advertising ), Kyungwan Kang (BFA 2014 Advertising), Taylor Geick (BFA 2014 Design), Hwa Young Jung (BFA 2014 Advertising), Nyong Ha Chang (BFA 2014 Advertising), Jonas Christiansen (BFA 2014 Advertising), Joo Kong (BFA 2014 Advertising) and Christie Kim (BFA 2014 Advertising).

CLIO Image award winners also include Sarang Kwon (BFA 2014 Advertising), Man Ki Kim (MFA 2002 Computer Art) and current BFA Advertising students Yung Hyuk Lee, Heehyun Oh, Jaehyuk Choi, Danim Hur, Eunhye Kim and Robert Selby.

Finalist honors go to current BFA Advertising students Yung Hyuk Lee, Danim Hur, Danny Park, Joseph Yoon, Junsik Hwang, Young-Ro, Yung Hyuk Lee, Francisco Figueroa Fidalgo, Babo Schokker, and Jaquelyn Xingpei Wang, and alumni Gary X. Lee (BFA 2014 Advertising), Sirah Yoo (BFA 2014 Design), Kyonghwa Kyla Kim (MFA 2001 Design), Matthew DeVasto (BFA 2014 Advertising), Gary Lee (BFA 2014 Advertising), Jilly Ko (BFA 2014 Advertising), Alyssa Leary (BFA 2014 Advertising), Stephanie Macchione (BFA 2013 Advertising), MyTran Dang (BFA Advertising 2013) and Jin Young Yoo (BFA 2013 Advertising).

To view images of the winning projects, click here.

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