Icebergs: SVA Thesis Project Acquired by Pinterest

August 26, 2014

A creative endeavor that originated in the MFA Design department at SVA has just hit the big time: Albert Pereta’s (MFA Design 2012) thesis project Icebergs, a web application that makes it easy for creatives to collaborate together, was recently acquired by Pinterest. Pereta, along with Icebergs co-founder Cesar Isern, will soon be relocating from Barcelona to San Francisco to join the rapidly growing company.

“For years, Cesar and Albert have been building technology to improve online visual curation and organization of projects, and we’re excited for them to join us,” Pinterest said in an email to AFP.

icebregs425Pereta and Isern also announced the news on the Icebergs site. “Pinterest is a visual discovery tool people use to discover, save, and act upon the things they love, which makes it a perfect home for our experience in product and design, and in building Icebergs,” they wrote. “On Pinterest, there are tens of millions of people using the site to discover more than 30 billion Pins every day, and we can’t wait to use what we learned building Icebergs to help make their experience even better.”

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