SVA Students and Alumni Win Top Prizes at 2014 ANDY Awards

June 26, 2014

SVA students and alumni took home two Gold, three Silver and four Bronze honors in The Advertising Club of New York’s 2014 ANDY Awards for projects created in BFA Advertising faculty member Frank Anselmo’s “Unconventional Advertising” class. ANDYagain200The ANDYs began in 1964 as a New York based competition to recognize excellence in print advertising and have since expanded internationally, honoring outstanding achievements across the industry in craftsmanship and innovation.

Antonio Perez, Mariana Gonzalez and Juan Carlos Mayorga’s Gold-winning project, “FedEx Pre-Roll,” was named winner of the Glenn C. Smith Award, which includes a scholarship of $10,000. Their advertising model depicts a seamless transition from ad to video in which an actor lifts video content out of a FedEx box, bringing the opening frame right up to the view screen.

Hyobee Kim (BFA 2013 Advertising) and Sooyoung Jeon (BFA 2013 Design) won Bronze for their subway poster campaign for FedEx, which creatively engages a damaged box to illustrate the security of FedEx’s handling compared to competitors. Eunjin Kim (BFA 2013 Advertising) and Kyungjin Kim (BFA 2013 Advertising) also collected a Bronze win for FedEx print ads featuring super-sized FedEx boxes placed over pre-existing billboards.

Lauren Hom (BFA 2013 Advertising), Camilo Galofre (BFA 2013 Advertising), Hyui Yong Kim (BFA 2013 Advertising) and Tal Midyan (BFA 2013 Advertising) won Gold for their interactive Persil ad which, in keeping with the brand’s sustainable ethos, proposes a combined laundry and gym facility where bikes power wash cycles.

Eunhye Kim won Gold for “Verizon” print work that cautions against texting and driving. Similarly, Irina Siraeva and Mats Wilke received Bronze awards for their take on cell phone safety for Verizon—reminders printed on gas station receipts.

Siraeva also received a Silver for her Victoria’s Secret campaign, made in collaboration with Angie Talavera, linking drops in divorce rates to the prevalence of sexy lingerie through graphs and artfully suggestive fashion photography.

Two additional teams won silver for collaborative projects. Hyobee Kim, MyTran Dang (BFA 2013 Advertising), Jin Young Yoo (BFA 2013 Advertising) and Sooyoung Jeon won for “Paypal,” which features faceless figures on currency emphasizing Paypal’s protection against identity theft.

paypal425Sara Byun, Sanghyun Lee and Nam Gyeong Kim’s “Any Side Up,” made under the creative direction of BFA Advertising faculty members Bob Mackall and Jack Mariucci, illustrates the protection bubblewrap provides regardless of how a box is handled.

To learn more about the ANDYs and to see the entire list of 2014 winners, click here.

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