SVA Students Win Record Number of One Club’s Young Ones Awards

May 27, 2014

Earlier this month, SVA students in Frank Anselmo‘s Unconventional Advertising class won seven of the 14 honors up for grabs in the main brief section of this year’s Young Ones competition. The Young Ones event is held as part of The One Show, a series of awards given out each year by advertising and design industry group The One Club. The students’ impressive haul set a new Young Ones record: “I was told this is the first time in history a single school has won half of the awards for the main brief,” Anselmo says. “The One Show is the Academy Awards of advertising. It’s insane to think half of the winning work came from our little room.” 

OneShow2014For the 2014 competition, students were invited to develop advertising, branding and collateral materials for the Organic by John Patrick clothing brand. Accordingly, their projects celebrated the natural world and/or sustainable or socially conscious design. The winners were announced at a ceremony held on May 6 in Manhattan as part of Creative Week, an annual festival put on by The One Club.

Irina Siraeva and Mats Wilke won gold in the nontraditional advertising (single) category for their Inverted Donation Box, a shipping box that, once turned inside out, becomes another, prepaid shipping box, intended to make it easier for customers to donate clothing to those in need.


Siraeva and Wilke also won silver in the same category for their Birdhouse Box, a birdhouse that could be made from an Organic by John Patrick shipping box.


Siraeva and Wilke were inspired to work with the label’s shipping boxes after doing some online shopping. “We had some boxes in perfect condition laying around and we thought we should give them a new life,” Siraeva said.

Two student groups won silver for their integrated branding campaigns. Jaehyuk Choi, Danim Hur, Eunhye Kim and Bobby Selby won for Inspired By Nature, in which large images of flowers sub in as women’s skirts. Selby said the team hit on the idea last autumn: “We noticed that some of the leaves on the ground resembled skirts some women were wearing. Since Organic is a women’s eco-fashion brand, we felt that strategically placed plants or flowers would represent the brand’s position perfectly.”



Minju Cho and Duekhyun Kim won their silver for Thread, a proposed campaign that would use real and “virtual” thread to connect Organic by John Patrick ads: on billboards, in magazines and online.




In the nontraditional advertising campaign category, Andrew Haupt and Holly Trotta won silver for Seed Tags, clothing tags that, when planted and watered, grow flowers.


Organic By John Patrick is a brand that is all about the environment and the way they raise their materials,” Haupt said. “[We] thought that if we could redesign something that would normally go to waste, and turn it into a way that the consumer could interact with the brand, then people would fall in love with the idea.”

Man Ki Kim and Yung Hyuk Lee won bronze in the campaign category for Fashion with a Small Footprint, a series of print ads that digitally altered models’ feet to make a visual pun.


Stephen Cho and Christopher Groelle won bronze in collateral design (single) for Farmer’s Market, a proposed Organic by John Patrick pop-up shop that would be installed at farmer’s markets, and uses twine and recycled brown paper as packaging for purchases.



Congratulations to all.

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