SVA Outside of NYC: Exhibitions by Sarah Sze, Carl Titolo, Kate Gilmore and Mu Pan

May 21, 2014

For art enthusiasts, it’s a good time to take a road trip as SVA faculty and alumni currently have exhibitions in Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Cleveland, Ohio; and Santa Monica, California. sze200Sarah Sze (MFA 1997 Fine Arts), who was the U.S. representative at the 2013 Venice Biennale, presents “A Survey of Editioned Works: 2008-2013,” mixed media pieces ranging from collections of single prints and arrangements of everyday objects, to cut paper. Known for her elaborate installations, Sze’s works here combine laser cutting and silkscreen techniques as well as three-dimensional designs in which color, form and memory are all given equal weight and Sze’s own creative history is explored. On view at Barbara Krakow Gallery, 10 Newbury Street, Boston, Massachusetts, through June 14.

MFA Illustration as Visual Essay and BFA Design faculty member Carl Titolo presents “Passeggiata: An Italian Journey,” a collection of 15 multi-media works on wood. Inspired by the words of Belgian surrealist James Ensor, Titolo provides visual representation of the adage, “Why take a vacation when I never have to leave my chair to take a splendid trip.” Titolo’s earth tones and bold angles mirror the multi-faceted experience of travel, and his landscape imagery and paintings of everyday objects invite the viewer to take their own Italian passeggiata. On view at the Mongerson Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, through June 12.

Kate Gilmore (MFA 2002 Fine Arts) confronts clothing restrictions, femininity and physicality in her new exhibition “Body of Work.” Demonstrating the chaotic and at times ridiculous nature of art and identity creation, Gilmore wears tight clothing and high heels as she breaks vases and distributes color in a personal, deliberate and tragic-comic fashion. In Love’Em, Leave’Em, she climbs a 10-foot structure with hundreds of vases filled with paint and drops them on a pristine white structure. Using her body to articulate female identity, labor and resistance, Gilmore draws from a feminist history where performance and creative destruction collide. “Body of Work” includes five works produced in video and a newly commissioned installation. On view at the Museum of Contemporary Art, 11400 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, through June 9.

Mu Pan’s (MFA 2007 Illustration as Visual Essay) “One Inch Punch” depicts the struggle of survival in extreme conditions. Pan’s colorful paintings feature animals, critters, individuals and landscapes spilling over one another in blood and carnage—an allegory for human warfare. Forceful frog armies, bears and warthogs populate Pan’s work alluding to the inherent chaos of violence and the gory end-result. Pan’s use of detail to emphasize the brutal legacy of colonialism asks the viewer to contemplate combat and outward displays of power that shape society. On view at Corpo Gallery, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, California, through June 7.

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