The Best Super Bowl Commercials, Including the One You Didn’t See

February 7, 2014

This year’s Super Bowl match-up didn’t offer viewers much drama, but the commercials were another story. SVA Close Up checked in with Richard Wilde, chair of the BFA Advertising and BFA Design departments at the College, to get his take on the best spots.

Top honors go to Chevrolet for “Romance.” It was a beautifully crafted message—full of innuendo—that involved loading a “bachelor” steer onto a Silverado truck to be taken to a stud farm. With humorous voice over (“there’s romance in the air” and “hello, ladies”), the spot was witty and sexy under the guise of soft-sell advertising for a heavy-duty truck. Chevy was smart to run it twice—once at the beginning of the game and once at the end.


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the top and extremely humorous, though it relied solely on borrowed interest, was the Audi commercial, which used cross breeding of Mexican Chihuahuas and Doberman Pincers. Although the commercial was engaging, few will remember that it was an Audi spot.

Other highlights were:

Coke (America the Beautiful sung in different languages)

Budweiser (a soldier returning from Afghanistan, and the relationship between a puppy

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and a Clydesdale)

Pepsi (iconic landmarks, such as the Brooklyn Bridge and Guggenheim Museum, were turned into musical instruments)

Microsoft (a touching spot on how technology takes one to places one has never dreamed of)

Esurance cleverly purchased the very first spot after the Super Bowl ended, reducing their cost by $1,500,000, passing the savings on to their clients.

Editor’s note: One of the most popular commercials of the night didn’t even air during the game. SVA faculty member Dan Kenneally served as art director on a new spot for Newcastle that captured attention from national media. Watch it below:

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