Interactive Artist Gabriella Levine at SVA’s Visible Futures Lab

January 14, 2014

Creative technologist, interactive artist and open-source hardware designer Gabriella Levine is the latest Artist in Residence at SVA’s Visible Futures Lab. With a background in biology and hardware design, Levine creates sculptural and robotic works that mimic environmental phenomena and animal behavior. On Friday, January 17 at 3:00pm at the Visible Futures Lab (132 West 21st, 7th floor), she will offer an introductory presentation that is free and open to the public.

Grabriella-Levine425During her residency with the Visible Futures Lab, Levine aims to design and fabricate two new robotic snake sculptures, as part of a series called SNEEL. Her designs will implement pneumatics, flexible robotics and 3D printed components. The inspiration for SNEEL comes from a fascination with exploring organic motion in hardware, with an ultimate purpose of gathering remote environmental data and exploring interactions between humans and biological forms.

For more information about Levine and the Visible Futures Lab, click here.

Image: Sneel_002 by Gabriella Levine.

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