MFA Art Criticism and Writing: New Issue of ‘Zephyr’ Takes Risks

November 7, 2013

The latest issue of Zephyr, the publication collaboratively produced by students and alumni of the MFA Art Criticism and Writing Department, is now available. The Fall 2013 edition features critical writings that explore the concept of risk-taking. According to editor Alexandra Nicolaides, “The criticism presented here not only investigates the topic of risk, but also takes risks itself. Of course, experimenting leads to flailing or soaring, or sometimes both.”

Zephyr700 Indeed, the articles in this issue range from traditional critical essays, like Victoria Potucek’s examination of Francis Alÿs’s video REEL – UNREEL (2011), to more experimental forms or critique, like Jessica Holmes’s (MFA 2013 Art Criticism and Writing) numbered list , “A Personal, Possible Guide to Writing Criticism,” which straddles the line between autobiographical musings and pointed observations of the cultural environment.

Other highlights include “To Karachi, With Hope,” Rabia Ashfaque’s elegant reflection on her experience of voting for the first time in Pakistan as well as her wishes for her hometown, David A. Willis’s interview with artist Osaretin Ighile, who discusses the role of material experimentation in his sculpture and the significance his Nigerian roots hold for his art practice, and “Questions about Painting and Criticism,” an examination of the state of painting’s critical potential by Noah Dillon in collaboration with Annette Wehrhahn.

Students and visitors can pick up a copy of Zephyr in SVA campus buildings.

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