In and Around New York: SVA MFA Fine Arts Alumni Exhibitions

June 20, 2013

Several SVA alumni are currently in exhibitions in and around the New York City area. Alejandro Guzman (MFA 2009 Fine Arts) and Elan Jurado (MFA 2012 Fine Arts) have work in El Museo’s seventh biennial exhibition entitled “Here is Where We Jump,” which brings together 37 emerging Latino and Latin American artists inspired by their culture and experiences. Through performance objects that merge sculpture, painting and drawing, Guzman explores human nature, migration, consumption and materialism. Juardo’s performance art focuses on the human mind and body and the way the two interplay with one another to either create the success or demise of this organic machine. On view at El Museo, 1230 Fifth Avenue, through January 4th.

Rupert Ravens, a gallery known for promoting visual arts in the form of compelling 3D sculptures and new media, has begun a new chapter called Nexxt, located on the banks of the Great Falls in New Jersey and inside the expansive 460,000 square foot historic mill complex known as the Art Factory. For its inaugural exhibition entitled “Flow Follow Flow,” Nexxt has invited SVA alumni Theresa Himmer (MFA 2011 Fine Arts), Eun Jung Kim (MFA 2012 Fine Arts), DS Lee (MFA 2013 Fine Arts), David Ostro (MFA 2012 Fine Arts), Gae Savannah (MFA 1995 Fine Arts), Meijia Wang (MFA 2013 Fine Arts), and current MFA Fine Arts student Julie Bahn, who will be exhibiting work alongside such heavy hitters as Yayoi Kusama and Yoko Ono. On view at Rupert Ravens Nexxt, 468 Totowa Avenue, Patterson, New Jersey, through July 28.

Images from top down: The Procreation by Alejandro Guzman; sculpture by David Ostro.

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