Exhibitions by Carol Fabricatore, Bradley Castellanos and Elektra KB

June 18, 2013

The Trask Gallery in conjunction with the National Arts Club presents “Carol Fabricatore: Kykuit, My Secret Garden,” a collection of landscapes capturing real life images and sensory experiences specific to the Rockefeller estate, Kykuit. Known for communicating memory and expression, Carol Fabricatore (a faculty member in the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay and BFA Design departments) pulls illustrations from authentic sites, auditory moments and olfactory perceptions. Fabricatore’s series prioritizes location and offers a glimpse

into Kykuit’s secret world. “My Secret Garden” fills space with an energy derived from Fabricatore’s raw connection with nature and landscape. On view at the National Arts Club, Trask Gallery, 15 Gramercy Park South, through June 28.

Bradley Castellanos‘ (MFA 2006 Fine Arts) debut solo exhibition “Bradley Castellanos: Crossing the Wilds,” consists of nature-inspired imagery, painting and photo collage. Utilizing his signature layering technique, Castellanos explores American mysticism, emptiness, vastness and duality. “Crossing the Wilds” draws parallels between human beings and the natural world while documenting intimacy and personal connection, and Castellanos’s work narrates a story involving human physicality and our environmental surroundings. On view at Ryan Lee Gallery, 527 West 26th Street, through June 29.

Elektra KB (BFA 2012 Visual and Critical Studies) presents “There are Women at the Gates Seeking a New World,” an exhibition featuring 20 pages from her embroidered, felt collage, artist book. The artist’s pages document the realities of life in a police state and explore the versatility of textured line using thread, geometric pattern and textiles. Her photographs and silhouettes unveil forces of neo-colonization, violation and repression. On view at BravinLee, 526 West 26 Street, through June 28. Elektra KB’s multi-media exhibition, “The Cathara Insurgent Women vs The Theocratic Republic of Gaia Beings,” depicts the everydayness of a mythological world (T.R.O.G) as it undergoes an intense period of social upheaval. The exhibition consists of print images, photographs and cloth and has featured live performances by Elektra KB and Nicolas Uloa. On view at Allegra LaViola Gallery, 179 East Broadway, through June 29.

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