Current Exhibitions In Oslo and New York Feature SVA Alumni, Faculty

March 15, 2013

Morten Andenæs (BFA 2002 Photography) opened his second exhibition at Galleri Riis in Oslo, Norway, on March 14. “Enclosed circuit” consists of 35 new photographic works from his ongoing project, Regarding the Middle Class, which addresses the ways in which individuals balance their responsibility to engage in civil society with their own desires and impulses, which are not always civil. In the exhibition, Andenæs focuses on photographing difficult subjects, like a woman participating in a clinical trial about pain at Norway’s National Institute of Occupational Health or handguns against a green screen. “Enclosed circuit” is on view though April 28.

"Generic view; grey curtains / orange curtains," from "enclosed circuit."

Tribeca gallery and French-style salon Hotel Particulier celebrated its grand opening last January with “Dynasty,” an exhibition including work by BFA Fine Arts faculty members Liz Magic Laser and Peter Hristoff and alumnus Ali Banisadr (BFA 2005 Illustration). “Dynasty” explores cross-generational family dynamics through fictitious families, in which the curators chose various artists to act as their “children.” Laser partnered with artist Becca Albee to create one collaborative work, while Banisadr invited artists who inspire him (including Hristoff) to participate. “Dynasty” is on view at Hotel Particulier, 6 Grand Street, through April 20.

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