SVA’s Liz Magic Laser, Nancy Princenthal and Joseph Kosuth in ‘Art in America’

January 7, 2013

The December 2012 issue of Art in America launched the magazine’s 100th anniversary celebration (which continues throughout 2013) and for the kickoff, SVA faculty members and an alumnus were invited to reminiscence about the publication’s past while also looking towards the future of art.

In her introduction to a reprint of Lucy Lippard’s 1976 article on women’s body art, MFA Art Criticism and Writing Department faculty member Nancy Princenthal’s gives perspective on Lippard’s dynamic role as a critic. Princenthal points out that Lippard contributed over 30 articles to Art in American in the 1970s and continues to be a leading feminist voice, as comfortable writing about monochrome painting as she is about the intersections between community, ecology and history.

To reenact a feature from a 1967 issue of the magazine, where Irving Sandler and Barabara Rose sent out questionnaires for artists to describe the sensibility of the 1960s, the Decemeber 2012 issue asks artists to characterize a zeitgeist for the turn of the 21st century and Joseph Kosuth (BFA 1967 Fine Arts) and BFA Visual and Critical Studies Department faculty member Liz Magic Laser weigh in. Kosuth writes about the need for an artistic practice that runs semi-parallel to the one increasingly dominated by commerce. Laser answers the prompt with questions, such as, “Can you think of a new term to supplant ‘avant-garde’?” and “What kind of relationship do we want to see between art and the public?”

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