SVA’s Liz Danzico Featured in Interaction Design Documentary ‘Connecting’

January 4, 2013

MFA Interaction Design Department Chair Liz Danzico is featured in the new documentary Connecting, an exploration of the future of Interaction Design and User Experience from some of the industry’s top leaders. In the film, Danzico explains the importance of keeping humans at the center of the Interaction Design experience. “When we talk about Interaction Design, often a lot of people go into their pocket and pull out a phone, or some sort of device, or any device they have on them,” she says. “But I think without humans, there’s nothing interesting to talk about.”

Connecting also features Jennifer Bove (Kicker Studio), Andrei Herasimchuk (Twitter), Robert Murdock (Method), Jonas Löwgren  (Malmö University), Eric Rodenbeck (Stamen), Robert Fabricant (frog design), Raphael Grignani (Method), Helen Walters (Doblin), Younghee Jung (Nokia), Blaise Aguera y Arcas (Microsoft) and Massimo Banzi (Arduino), all weighing in on topics ranging from the merging of the digital and physical world to the tools that best enable that process. Watch the entire film below, and for more info on Connecting, visit the website.

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