New Exhibitions by Rob Walker, Judith Monteferrante and Riad Miah

December 13, 2012

MFA Products of Design Department faculty member Rob Walker has curated a new exhibition at Apexart called “As Real As It Gets,” which centers around his idea that the things we buy end up owning us as much as we own them. Walker includes a companion essay and describes the show as “an experiment in using marketplace forms to unexpected and sometimes paradoxical ends.” He intends for the exhibition to be a profoundly sincere, caustically sarcastic tribute to and protest against consumerism. Walker is also known for his seven-year run of the “Consumed” column in The New York Times Magazine and his 2008 book Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are about the intersection of branding, marketing and identity. On view at Apexart gallery, 291 Church Street, through December 22.

Judith Monteferrante (MPS 2009 Digital Photography) joins artists at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery with her “Natural Aficionados” exhibition. Monteferrante, a former cardiologist, seeks to reduce an image to its elements or tones while enhancing or modifying the effect of light. By subtracting elements from visual chaos, she plays with light and shadow to shape photos. On

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view at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, 5511 W 25th Street, through January 26.

Riad Miah (BFA 2004 Fine Arts) and Luis Nobre’s new exhibit entitled “Factor 41N-9W” explores ideas of nature, materiality, color and memory. Miah draws from biology, astronomy and art history to create work that simultaneously embraces the microscopic and the macrocosmic. His work consists of an installation of 20 hexagonal canvases, with color sequences based on the mathematical Fibonacci system. On view at Rooster Gallery, 190 Orchard Street, through January 6.

Image: Conrad Bakker, Untitled Project: UNTITLED PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION NETWORK, 2005, oil on carved wood.

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