What’s In Store: Dead Film, West Coast Coffee and Lots of Love

September 19, 2012

The Definitive Document of the Dead (Synapse Films): BFA Film, Video and Animation Department faculty member Roy Frumkes’ 1978 documentary is being released on Blu-ray with some all-new exclusive material. The movie examines independent filmmaking in the U.S. through the lens of George A. Romero’s career and the making of the classic horror film Dawn of the Dead. The release also includes the original 66-minute, 16mm version of Document of the Dead, which was originally created for educational use in Frumkes’ SVA courses. To pre-order a copy, visit Synapse Films.

Left Coast Roast: A Guide to the Best Coffee and Roasters from San Francisco to Seattle (Timber Press): Breanna Goodrow (BFA 2011 Graphic Design) served as designer and art director of this delightful book, which offers visually captivating look at coffee companies on the West Coast. Topics include terminology, variations and how to brew the perfect cup. To learn more about the book, visit leftcoastroast.com.

Love, Lots of It written and directed by SVA faculty member Rob Feld: This short film, starring Campbell Scott, made its premiere at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. The plot summary according to the filmmakers: “A Woman arrives on a barren highway where a mysterious Man waits, as he always has. He has things to offer, and she has things to trade, but what to choose?” To preview, purchase or download the movie, visit iTunes.

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