SVA Student Liz Margulies on Bravo’s New Reality Show ‘Gallery Girls’

August 8, 2012

Current BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department student Liz Margulies is about to make her reality TV debut on Bravo’s new Gallery Girls. Premiering on August 13th, the show follows seven young women in New York City as they pursue their dream jobs in the art world. SVA Close Up recently caught up with Margulies via email to talk about the show.

How did you get involved with Gallery Girls?
I was approached by a casting director after someone I knew from Miami had recommended me for the show.

What was the best thing about the experience? The worst thing? Any major surprises?
The best thing about the experience was learning how to manage stress and stay focused. I also got to meet some very cool people who will remain lifelong friends. The worst thing was having to balance work, school, and filming. Saying I had a lot on my plate would be an understatement!

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned at SVA so far?
The most valuable thing I’ve learned at SVA is that not everyone is going to like all of the work you produce all of the time, and that’s okay—just move on and keep doing what you love to do.

How has what you’ve learned as a student prepared you for life in the gallery world?
SVA has definitely taught me that there are a lot of extremely talented people out there who are all fighting for the same thing, so if you don’t do a good job, someone else will. Same goes for working in a gallery or at any internship.

What are your plans for the future?
Future plans include getting my BFA and possibly looking into grad school. I also want to make sure that I land a challenging internship doing design work every summer.

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