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April 9, 2012

As more and more designers look for ways to incorporate meaningful social change work into their practices, many are asking how to market themselves as “social designers” and identify career opportunities. What does “social design” mean in 2012? The Impact! Design for Social Change program in the Division of Continuing Education Division at SVA has just released Commitment Required, a podcast answering these and related questions.

Available free of charge from the Apple store, the 2-hour podcast documents a March 1 lecture with New York-based creative leaders engaged in social design: Echoing Green Senior Vice President Lara Galinsky (social entrepreneurship and social enterprise), Two Twelve Founder David Gibson (civic design), Empax founder Martin Kace (non-profits and NGOs) and MTV Public Affairs Vice President Jason Rzepka (corporate social responsibility).  Worldstudio Principal and chair for Impact! Design for Social Change Mark Randall moderated.

“The ideal social designer will be an expert in two ways,” says Randall. “Not only will they have a solid design background, they will also have an expertise in the area they choose to work in. Imagine if you were a designer as well as a doctor, the impact that you could have in the healthcare community would be that much more profound.”

For more information on Impact! Design for Social Change, a six-week summer program beginning July 9, visit the Impact! website.

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