Online Launch and Gallery Exhibition for ‘The Grand Assembly’

March 21, 2012

Lillian Lee’s (MFA 2011 Design) thesis project, The Grand Assembly, marked its online and real-life debut with an exhibition opening at Gallery 307 in New York City on March 15. Conceived as a curated online community for creatives aged 60 and older, The Grand Assembly is now just that—a platform where elder artists can showcase their work, share their knowledge, and pursue opportunities for commissioned work or teaching workshops. The physical exhibition “[   ] is My Currency” at Gallery 307 (on view through March 31) features 14 artists working across a range of media and exploring the idea of “currency,” which according to The Grand Assembly website, “can literally mean money or figuratively defined as flow or drive.”

Support from a 2011 Sapi Ideas that Matter grant helped Lee turn her idea into a reality. The $40,000 award went toward funding initial start-up costs for The Grand Assembly, including creating video profiles of the artists, as well as organizing the “[   ] is My Currency” exhibition, which was done through a partnership with the Carter Burden Center for the Aging.

To learn more about the project and exhibition, visit The Grand Assembly.

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