MFA Interaction Design Students Top GOOD’s Design Hackathon

March 15, 2012

Five MFA Interaction Design students recently impressed judges at GOOD’s first Design Hackathon, an event that challenged participants to create learning tools—within just 24 hours—that would support meaningful connections, efficient transportation, clever consumption, educational reform, cleaner environments, and smart economics by re-imaging existing social and media platforms. GOOD, a media platform that encourages individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to work together to create alternative solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems, hosted the event in New York City, drawing more than 100 participants.

The Best in Show award went to “Purpose,” a project by a team called The Comparators, which included MFA Interaction Design students Tony Chu, Tom Harman, Prachi Pundeer and Michael Yap. “Purpose” brings together consumers, makers, and manufacturers to facilitate inventive ways to repurpose unwanted technology. For example, using old smartphones in artworks, donating gently used laptops for educational purposes, or using electronic components for science.

Not only did SVA students win the top prize, Tina Ye was also part of the team whose project was named Most Innovative. The project called “EveryStep” is a personal health service app that allows people to raise money for causes they believe in. For each step users run or walk, their friends and loved ones can make small donations, inspiring them to stay active and spread awareness that helps nonprofits raise funds.

To learn more about GOOD’s Design Hackathon and the winning projects, visit GOOD.

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