Things Fall Apart at Visual Arts Gallery

July 5, 2011

The works of several students and recent graduates of the MFA Fine Arts Department comprise “Things Fall Apart,” an exhibition curated by noted gallerist Asya Geisberg (MFA 1999 Fine Arts), which is on display until August 13 at the Visual Arts Gallery, 601 West 26 Street, 15th floor (reception on Thursday, July 7, from 6 – 8pm). Geisberg says the show “reflects the mood of the world at large, as during the past few years economic and political tumult has produced financial ‘corrections,’ regional upheavals, and overturned assumptions of fealty among allies and enmity among foes.”

Among the participating artists are Sharona Eliassaf (MFA 2011 Fine Arts), whose work draws on various cultural sources to create surreal or fantastic dreamscapes; Emily Weiner (MFA 2011 Fine Arts), whose symmetrical paintings toy with perceptions of nature and notions of idealism; and Julie Schenkelberg (MFA 2011 Fine Arts), who uses sculpture to examine the concept of “knowledge” and where it leads. For more information and images, visit the SVA Web site.

Image: Sharona Eliassaf, Interview with Peacock Lady, 2011, oil on canvas. Courtesy the artist.

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