In the Press: Robin Antar in NY Daily News

July 21, 2011

What could be more all-American than an 800-pound bag of M&Ms?

Robin Antar (BFA 1981 Fine Arts), who was featured in the NY Daily News recently, sculpted the bag of chocolate treats after 9/11 in an effort to honor the nation in an original way. “I thought, what’s American?” she says in the article. “America is junk food. Let’s do something fun. So I started doing Milano cookies, M&Ms, Oreos, pencils, jeans, jackets.”

Antar began sculpting in 1974 when she took a class at a high school in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. It inspired her to eventually attend SVA instead of her original plan of becoming a bookkeeper. “I’ve been doing it ever since, and it’s been a lifesaver because no matter what trauma you’re going through, if you just worked all day in the shop, you can tackle anything, “ she says.

Other sculptures in Antar’s collection include a Skechers boot, a pair of Everlast boxing gloves, a bottle of Heinz ketchup, and a York Peppermint Pattie cast in stainless steel that she created for a woman who had a fetish for the snack.

Antar is currently working on a bag of chips that she carved down to 3,000 pounds from its original form as a 6,000-pound block of marble, a project she has been at for the past decade. She says sculpting is empowering, and she lets nothing hold her back—not comments that her art is crazy, not even the fact that she is nearly blind in one eye. “The real objects expire, but my sculptures never do,” she says.

Read the full article at NY Daily News.

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