In the Press: MFA Design Students in The New York Times

July 28, 2011

Students in SVA’s MFA Design program were invited by The New York Times to illustrate the paper’s recent Education Life section. Titled “The Grad Life,” the students produced a series of infographics that captured their graduate school experiences on topics ranging from time management and finances, to anxiety and balancing relationships with studies.

Speaking to the Briefs about her illustration Diminishing Returns in Love & Grad School, Camille McMorrow said the biggest challenge for this assignment was “finding time to do it within the heavy grad workload.” As for where inspiration for the graph came from, she said, “I’m interested in the tension between our personal ambitions and our personal relationships. I figured we wouldn’t have a great deal of space in the Times, so I wanted to tell a concise story about that relationship.”

Time was also a theme in Joanna Kuczek’s illustration My Life Pre Grad School, which charts her path back to the classroom. “This project made realize that so much of my thinking had to do with time, either wasting it or not using it to the full potential,” she said. “I also noticed how pattern-like my thinking used to be, and how unhappy I was in my daily design life.”

View all of the MFA Design student’s infographics (and larger images of the ones above) at The New York Times.

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