On View: “Open” & “Social Realms”

June 15, 2011

Two exhibitions are currently on view as part of the College’s student jury program. The featured artists were selected by a panel of students from various departments, and Richard Brooks, assistant director of student galleries and curator of both shows, developed the exhibitions using several of the jury’s chosen artists.

Open,” which showcases work by two members of the SVA community, will be at the Westside Gallery, 133/141 West 21 Street, New York City, until June 16. A series of photographs by David Brown reinterprets traditional still life by replacing objects with light. Jong Hyun Oh (MFA 2011 Fine Arts) has created a minimalist installation that combines plexiglas and painted string.

The other current juried student show,Social Realms,” runs until June 30 at SVA Gallery, 209 East 23 Street. The exhibition features photography, painting and prints by James Bascara (BFA 2011 Illustration), Christopher Patrick Ernst (BFA 2011 Photography), Jenny Riffle (MFA 2011 Photography), Shellyne Rodriguez (BFA 2011 Visual and Critical Studies), Peter Svarzbein (MFA 2011 Photography), Tony Toscani (MFA 2011 Fine Arts) and other members of the SVA community, including Elektra KB, Jonas Lara and Joseph Varas.

Image: James Bascara, Solitude 1, 2011.

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