In the Press: Milton Glaser in Bluecanvas

June 13, 2011

In a recent interview with Bluecanvas magazine, celebrated graphic designer and SVA Acting Chairman Milton Glaser provides advice for artists and discusses the value of design to the general public.

One of the questions Glaser tackles is the definition of art, which he says is a “device to help the human species to survive.” According to Glaser, artists “help people define what is real.” He also states that artwork made solely to earn money is not true fine art because the intentions corrupt the purity of the art.

“I think you just do your work,” Glaser said when asked about how to best distinguish oneself as a professional artist. “I mean the most important thing is not the ideas behind why you’re there, it’s your work, whatever that work is. And that’s where the meaning of your life is, it’s in your work.”

The article also includes the following illustrating of Glaser by Margarita Korol.

Images: (top) Bluecanvas cover art by The Gryllus, (bottom) Milton Glaser illustration by Margarita Korol. Images courtesy Bluecanvas.

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