In The Press: Allan Chochinov in Metropolis

June 27, 2011

Allan Chochinov, chair of the MFA Products of Design Department, was interviewed recently in Metropolis magazine about serving as the head of the new SVA program that will begin in fall 2012.

Chochinov explained to the magazine the difference between the new department’s focus and object-based industrial design. “The program won’t start from the beginning,” Chochinov said. “It will be making-based, but we’re looking for students who are experienced and skilled…We want to introduce them to notions of scale and systems and consequence so they can do more with their superpowers.”

The perfect candidate, according to Chochinov, would be “passionate, fearless, and believe they’re on a mission to take back the promise that design originally gave them when they first entered school or professional practice.”

To read the complete interview, including where the idea for the program came from, visit the Metropolis Web site.

Image: Metropolis Web site.

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