Alumnus Viktor Deak on National Geographic Channel

June 15, 2011

A new episode of National Geographic Channel’s Naked Science titled “The World’s Oldest Child” will feature one of the world’s leading paleoartists and SVA alumnus Viktor Deak (MFA 2004 Illustration as Visual Essay). After a 108,000-year-old skull was unearthed in Morocco, Deak was commissioned to create a digital reconstruction and a plasticine sculpture to provide an idea of what the owner of the skull, named Bouchra by scientists, looked like.

“With all seriousness, I think it’s the greatest story to be involved with,” Deak said during an interview with National Geographic. “I just feel like it’s our connection back into nature, and what this can tell us possibly about our origins as a species…is priceless.”

About his projects, Deak says, “It’s the kind of thing where I can get lost in this work sometimes for hours, I mean, 12 hours.”

“The World’s Oldest Child” will air on Thursday, June 16, at 8pm and 11pm on the National Geographic Channel. Deak’s concept design work will also be seen in the upcoming movie, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which will be released in theaters August 5.

Images: (top) clip from “The World’s Oldest Child,” (bottom) Viktor Deak with his plasticine sculpture. Image courtesy the artist.

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