In The Press: Marshall Arisman in American Artist

May 11, 2011

The June issue of American Artist magazine profiles MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Department Chair Marshall Arisman, whose work was the subject of the exhibition “Alternative Surfaces” earlier this year.

The exhibition, a combination of etchings, mixed-media paintings and sculptures, was on display at Manhattan’s Sacred Gallery – a gallery attached to a tattoo parlor in Soho. Imagery of animals factored heavily in the show, from papier-mâché sculptures of monkeys to paintings of horses on diaphanous silk. Arisman said he found inspiration from his childhood on a farm and from the cave paintings discovered at Lascaux in France.

Aside from its venue, another unexpected aspect to the exhibition is Arisman’s use of his hands rather than brushes to create the pieces. “When I use brushes I try to control my stroke and think too much about what I am doing,” he said, “and all my energy that should go into the canvas stays in my brain.”

More information about Arisman’s current projects can be found at his Web site.

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