Reconfiguring Site in Summer 2011

April 6, 2011

In July 2011, the Division of  Continuing Education is presenting a new summer residency program called Reconfiguring Site, which aims to present “new approaches to public art and architecture.” The six-week intensive runs from July 11 – August 19 and offers students an interdisciplinary approach to making public art, combining the creative and aesthetic aspects of site-specific artmaking with practical concerns like grant proposal writing and contracts.

Reconfiguring Site was developed and is headed by Anita Glesta, who has spent more than two decades making art in the public arena and has taught in CE’s public art residency for the past five years. “When I won a commission to do an integrated landscape for the Federal Census Building, it made me realize how many tools I needed to know but that I wasn’t taught in school,” says Glesta. “I really felt there should be a program that teaches this to art students in a focused, organized way.” The summer curriculum reflects the full scope of public art, tying together the scale, history, social meaning and formal aesthetics that go into site-specific works.

“Bringing in a faculty made up of top people in the field, who already have proven success in every arena of public art, will expose the participants in the program to the rigor of this field,” says Glesta. “The kind of critical input students will receive from the faculty and visiting professionals will produce a much more informed and educated public art practice. It’s like we’re curating an amazing think tank in public art.” To learn more about Reconfiguring Site, visit

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