Milton Glaser Receives Fulbright Lifetime Achievement Medal

April 18, 2011

SVA Acting Chairman Milton Glaser has been honored with the 2011 Fulbright Lifetime Achievement Medal, which recognizes the distinguished careers of Fulbright alumni. Glaser received his award at a gala dinner event on Wednesday, April 13, at the New York Public Library, alongside fellow honorees opera signer Renée Fleming and actor John Lithgow.

Glaser also made a recent appearance as part of the National Endowment for the Arts podcast series. Describing art as, “a device that aids human survival..and helps you understand what is real,” Glaser discussed a variety of art and design topics, as well as the trajectory of his own career. The podcast features leading arts experts and National Medal of Arts winners, an award Glaser received in 2010. Elucidating how teaching has helped him, “develop the capacity to express ideas more cogently,” Glaser describes how artists move towards failure in order to develop their work and use failure as a means of understanding what they’re doing. “My whole professional life has been to move towards things that I knew that I didn’t know.”

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