Louise Fili Subway Poster Giveaway

April 15, 2011

The latest SVA subway poster, designed by faculty member Louise Fili (BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department; MFA Design Department) has been getting a lot of attention, both in the New York City subways and in the press. Cultiva Studio, Curiosity Counts, Daily Design Discoveries, Dribbble, HOW, Pinterest and other design and culture blogs have been taking notice of the poster, which uses digital imaging to replicate the look of a handcrafted tile mosaic. On her blog, Fili says, “The design is an homage to the urban mosaic artisans of the early 20th century, and after hours of painstaking Photoshop work, [we all] agreed that it may have been easier to create it out of actual tiles.”

The poster is currently available for purchase at the CAVA Computer Store, and we have two to give away to Briefs readers. To enter, send your name to news@sva.edu before 12 noon on Monday, April 18. Two winners will be picked at random and notified.

Image: Louise Fili, It’s Never Too Late to Get Where You’re Going, 2011.

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